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Every group needs a few rules.
:bulletblue: Be nice to the other members.
:bulletblue: Just give constructive criticism. No one should be hurt.
:bulletblue: Put your work in the right folders. When you have questions, ask me or the other co-founders.
:bulletblue: Images that are not suitable for younger audiences should have the Mature Content Filter on.
:bulletblue: Have fun!

Information about the folders:
In the normal game folder you can put all art, even OCs. But for Wallpaper, Cosplays and selfmade stuff there are different folders. Be sure to put your work in the correct folder! Please donīt just put them all into the featured folder!
Final FantasyXIII: The End


All characters and copyright rules belong to Square Enix

I do not own any part of FinalFantasy.


We were once a group of Pulse l'cie fugitives, there were six of us to be exact. There was Snow, Fang,Vanille, Sazh, Hope, and me, Lightning. We thought our fate was unfair and thouhgt we could change it. So, we fought the Fal'cie until we killed Orphan, the ring leader of it all. There was peace for everyone, but me, for three years at least.

I was exiled out of history. I was sent to Valhalla to keep the Goddess Etro safe and was constantly in a neverending battle with a man named Caius. I was losing the battle, so I reached out for the only one I knew. Noel Kreiss, he was the only one who could make it through Etro's Gate and travel through time to find my sister Serah. He promised he could bring her to me safely but neither of us knew I was sending them to their deathbeds.

I had long given up the fight with Caius but they didnt know. When they killed Caius, they killed Etro, the Goddess of Death too. Chaos shrouded and rippeed most of the world apart and not many survived the catastophe. I woke up five hundred years later from my crystal stasis. I was sent to be God's puppet. Later, I realized what he was doing and tuned against him to fight and save humanity.

Now, as i get off this train, I think of my new journey...Life.

Chapter 1 Lightning Returns

The sun was shining on my face as I walked the long stretch of road to my sisters house. I let out a sigh as I looked at the sky and thought that for once I am content and I am happy. As I arrive at my sister's doorstep, I lifted my hand to knock on her colonial cream white door and it took me back to when we were little. When we were just kids, we lived in a house like this with our mother. Mother, the word has become so foreign to me now, like it has no real definition left of it in my brain.

“Light! Light!” Serah was speaking but I couldnt quite hear her right, since I was still coming out of my childhood daze.”Hey Light! Anybody in there?” She playfully tapped my forehead as she giggled at my dazed face.

“Sorry, I was, uh, thinking. Im glad to see you again.”

Serah lunged from her position at the door to give me a colossal hug “Im so glad to see you too!” She was tearing up in my arms “I missed you so much! I just knew we would see each other again!”

“ I did too.” It was all I could muster as I let my emotions take control. No more holding back, I thought.

Serah wiped her eyes “Come on inside, its really hot!” She gestured to the door. “And please, can you and Snow go one day without a fight?”

I chuckled at what she had said and thought, when am Snow and I not fighting. “ All right Serah, Ill try.”

“You better!” she playfully punched my arm.

I looked around as we walked through the foyer. She had knick-knacks on little tables and shelves, just like mother did. I t even smelled like our childhood home, a warm smell as if fresh bread or even a cake was being baked. There were photos on the wall of our family and there was one in particular that I spotted. I looked more closely. It was Serah and I holding hands. We were young but still had school uniforms. They were the most hideous. We both wore a white long sleeve collar shirt with a knee length plaid vest dress. She was smiling and I was crying.

I laughed a little at myself “Serah?”

“Yea, sis?”

“Do you remember this photo?”

She looked at the photo I was pointing at “Yeah. I remember that you were scared of going to school.” She giggled

“No it was because dad was making me go to school.”

“Haha, I cant believe you still hold a grudge!”

“After mom lost her job, he was never there, its partially his fault she went into a stress induced coma and died.” “So I have a reason to hold a grudge, for many reasons.”

Her smile faded and she lowered her head “I know.”

I looked at her and patted her back “ I didnt mean to bring that part up Serah.”

“I know, I know...”her voice faded and she began walking again.

We walked into the living room and sure enough, Snow was there to greet me. “Hey sis!” he said before he gave me an even more colossal bear hug than Serah. He was hugging me so tight, I thought he was going to break my ribs.

When he finally let go and I gained my breath again, I told him in my usual response “Im not your sister.”

He flailed his arms in defeat “Aw, come on Light!”

I was about to tell him a piece of my mind as usual but Serah gave me a stern look and I didnt say anything else.

Snow waited for Serah to sit down and he then sat down and stretched his arms around her. “Well sis, guess we have some catching up to do, without the swinging and slicing of swords of course.”

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